Your corporate image depends on the customer service you provide and how you engage your online customers. Almost all businesses have an online presence and have a website, however many small businesses do not have the resources to operate an online customer service. By not having anybody answering online customers’ questions they lose a lot of business every day. Customers expect the receive the same service online what they get in a traditional retail shop. If they can not find answers on their questions they look for another website very quickly. It was never so easy to lose customers than in the online business. A once unsatisfied client is unlikely to use your product again. That’s why you should take every opportunity to deliver a great customer experience.

One of the best ways to do this is to automate your customer service with AI chatbots.

What can chatbots do for your online customer service?

More and more businesses are choosing chatbots as part of their online customer service team. Chatbots can answer customers’ inquiries cheaply, quickly and fully automatically without any human interaction.

Here are the top advantages of using chatbots for your customer service.

Rapid answers

Chatbots don’t need to sleep. They can immediately tackle issues no matter if it’s 4 am or 9 pm. This is crucial for companies targeting millennials (who can be impatient). This allows you to improve customer support and the customer experience.

Less groundwork

Chatbots can handle a high volume of requests with similar responses. This makes them perfect for dealing with frequently asked questions. Besides, chatbots don’t need time to search for answers as human agents do. This helps reduce service time and operating costs.
AutomaChatbot answers your frequently asked questions fully automatically. We will also inform you if there is a customer question that our bot can not answer. You can enlarge the list of your answers very easily any time. If the bot can not answer a question will provide alternative answers and if it still does not satisfy your customer, will ask for the contact details. This way less customers are lost and customer satisfaction is increased.

Fewer errors

Chatbots make fewer errors while answering customer inquiries than human agents do. Why? Because their cognitive technology interprets customers’ responses and provides accurate, automated answers. Chatbots have endless memory, can learn basically without limit. This reduces the chances of not finding an answer.

Increased customer engagement

Chatbots can start a conversation with any customer about any issue at any time of day. They engage in friendly interactions with customers proactively. Moreover, virtual agents only give a bit of information at a time. This way they don’t tire customers with unnecessary information. Chatbots can keep customers on your website longer and can collect the contact details of your customers automatically.